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We’ll give you a hint, it isn’t New Year’s Eve or the Superbowl. The biggest drinking day in America is Thanksgiving Eve, also known as Blackout Wednesday or Drinksgiving! The night before you give thanks for your friends, family, and good health, celebrate how thankful you are for alcohol.

Why is Thanksgiving Eve such a big celebration, especially if people don’t publicize it as much as other drinking holidays?

By Bernt Rostad

Everyone returns home for Thanksgiving

If you’re a college student or a recent graduate, you can count on seeing old high school classmates at the bar. It’s the perfect night to get together and reconnect with your high school best friend or members from your old sports team. You can also see who became successful and who is still playing video games in their parents’ basement.

You have off the next day

Most of America has off from school or work during Thanksgiving, so why not take advantage? It isn’t often that you can go out and party on a Wednesday night without worrying about making it to work on time the next morning. Go out and enjoy yourself!

You’ll have to deal with your family

They’re family, and you love them, but sometimes you just need a little liquid to help you deal with your crazy uncle and those big sloppy kisses on the cheek from your Great Aunt Muriel.

By Satya Murthy

Thanksgiving Dinner

There is nothing more satisfying than a turkey that has been cooking all day long, homemade mashed potatoes, and sweet pumpkin pie after a night of heavy drinking. It’s the ultimate hangover cure!

Bars go all out

Check out what events are happening at the bars on Blackout Wednesday near you. Some will have some sweet specials you’ll surely be thankful for. Others will have special performances and contests. There is surely something for everybody.

By Famartin (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Since Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest drinking day in America, that means there is more of a chance of drunk driving. Companies such as AAA and Uber will give free or discounted rides for people who gave a little too much thanks this Thanksgiving Eve.

This Thanksgiving Eve, get together with your old friends and neighbors, celebrate your holiday weekend at the bars, enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner with your family, and stay safe during it all!

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