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7 Weirdest Bars in the World

When it comes to going to a themed bar, you may want to visit one of the weirdest bars in the world. From surprising locations to funny themes to just plain strange all around, these bars are definitely worth a visit. If you’re looking to cross one of the weirdest bars off your bucket list, stopping by for a drink while traveling, or searching for a great photo opportunity, we highly recommend these bars.

The Clinic Bar

Clarke Quay, Singapore

The Clinic Bar is a hospital-themed bar equipped with wheelchairs, hospital beds, and even the dingy lighting that makes people so uncomfortable. The staff is dressed up in doctor and nurse uniforms and ready to write your prescription. Don’t count on the food to taste like hospital cafeteria food, though!

Hobbit House

Manila, Philippines

If you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Hobbit House bar. The entire bar feels like it came straight out of the movies. To stay with the theme of hobbits, all of the staff are dwarves! You’ll definitely feel magical while drinking at this weird bar.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar

Parotte Bay, Jamaica

Located about a mile off the coast of Parotte Bay on a sandbar, you may not realize this little shack is, in fact, a bar. Patrons must take a boat out to the bar that sits on stilts. Made entirely of wood, the bar is a little rickety but definitely worth going to for the tropical views.



Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Enjoy a frozen margarita while sitting on a rock in one of the weirdest bars in the world. You’ll love the atmosphere the restaurant has created inside this cavern. With fancy tablecloths and table settings, this will easily become one of your new favorite places to visit in the world.


Truskavets, Ukraine

If death doesn’t freak you out, then you’ll want to visit the world’s largest coffin-turned-bar if you happen to be in Ukraine. Eternity is a morbid bar is full of coffins, flowers, and candles setting the mood for the saddest funeral you may ever attend. This bar definitely isn’t for everyone, but it’s definitely one of the weirdest bars we’ve come across.

My Modern Met

The Big Baobab

Modjadjiskiloof, South Africa

Get in touch with nature while enjoying a cocktail inside of a 6,000-year-old tree in South Africa. The owners of the tree have turned the cavity in the trunk into a bar equipped with seating and everything. It’s also a great way to cool off from the hot African sun.


The Ice Bar

Quebec City, Canada

One of the weirdest bars in the world is only around for a few months out of the year because it’s made completely of ice! So, it melts in the summer and is rebuilt each year. You’ll definitely want to grab your coats and gloves while enjoying an ice-cold cocktail here.

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