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mixologist and bartender

This is the Difference Between a Mixologist and a Bartender

In the latest cocktail renaissance, an important question has been raised – what is the difference between a mixologist and a bartender? With new creative cocktails coming on the scene, we can only wonder who is responsible for these new creations. That’s where the difference of a mixologist and a bartender comes in. Mistakenly, bar patrons have used mixologist and bartender interchangeably, even though the two are drastically different. We’re here to set the record straight and tell the world the difference between a mixologist and a bartender.

The Mixologist

A mixologist can be referred to as a chef of drinks. They take a more culinary approach when creating a cocktail. This means focusing on which flavors go well together, working with different proportions, and modifying already well-known cocktail recipes to create a brand new version of a classic cocktail.

Mixologists focus on the study of cocktails. They spend their time learning about different liquors, flavors, trends, and practices of making a great cocktail. The role of a mixologist includes a lot of experimentation with different recipes and sometimes even coming up with a brand new cocktail recipe.

The Bartender

Bartenders, while they know how to make a great cocktail, do not focus on the art of the drink itself. They focus more on pleasing their customers. Rather than creating new cocktails and experimenting with different liquors, a bartender knows cocktail recipes by heart and can shake a drink together without a second thought.

There is also a more social aspect of being a bartender. They are the face of the bar for that night. Bartenders have a special skill of being able to speak to customers about anything and everything, making patrons feel special and heard. While bartenders may be viewed as people who simply pour beer and shake martinis, there is so much more to their job than just making drinks.

You Can Be Both

There is some competition between mixologists and bartenders in the cocktail community. Some view mixologists as the cocktail elites while bartenders are viewed as simple drink pourers. However, it is possible to be both a mixologist and a bartender! If you focus on both creating a killer cocktail and pleasing your customers behind a bar, then you are both a mixologist and a bartender. It’s as simple as that!

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