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These Bar Tools Make a Successful Bartender

As a bartender, there are certain bar tools you need behind the bar to craft the perfect cocktail for your customers. Long gone are the days of being a college party bartender pouring spirits and mixers in red plastic cups. You’ve upgraded to more complicated signature cocktails that require certain bar tools to satisfy your patrons.

No bartender, whether amateur or professional, can be successful without these essential bar tools.

bar tools

Cocktail Shaker

The cocktail shaker is essential when making mixed drinks and martinis. You can definitely tell the difference between a drink that has been shaken or stirred. There are actually two different types of cocktail shakers. First, you have the Cobbler Shaker, which consists of three pieces: a glass, tin shaker, and a strainer. The second is the Boston Shaker, which consists of two pieces: a glass and tin shaker.

Cocktail shakers are one of the most used bar tools and are a great way to start building your bar collection.


Free pouring drinks can be complicated and irresponsible. You could get distracted by customers and pour too much of an ingredient into the cocktail. To be fair to your customers (and the cost of supplying the bar) it’s important to use a measuring tool, such as a jigger. This double-ended measuring tool will help you create the perfectly balanced and proportioned cocktail every time.

Mixing Glass

When a cocktail is required to be stirred and not shaken, you’ll need a mixing glass. This bar tool is typically a heavy glass with a pour assistant at some point around the edge. The wide mouth allows you to easily stir your cocktails without worrying about spilling it over the edge.

Bar Spoon

Bar spoons are essential bar tools often paired with a mixing glass. They are longer than normal spoons and the head is smaller as to not make the drinks cloudy when they are stirred. The long handle provides bartenders the ability to smoothly stir a drink without clinking the spoon against the mixing glass.


If you love drinks with fresh ingredients such as fruit, mint, and sugar cubes, then a muddler is an essential bar tool to have in your collection. A muddler will give you more opportunity to play around with natural flavors and ingredients rather than depending on simple syrups and fruit syrups or juices.


When you have to add citrus fruit juice to a cocktail, the best method is to squeeze the juice directly from the fruit rather than using a store-bought concentrate. Natural fruit juice is more flavorful and will make for a better cocktail. So, rather than working hard to get the juices of a fruit, use a juicer to easily extract the juice for your cocktail without getting your hands sticky.

Bar Tools Make the Bartender

While skill and attention to detail certainly help make a bartender successful, it all begins with the bar tools in his collection. Without the right bar tools, it’s impossible to make a perfectly crafted cocktail. If you’re just starting out, make sure to have these essential bar tools to set you up for success.

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