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7 Halloween Promotions to Boost Your Bar’s Revenue

Halloween may just be more fun as an adult than as a kid. With Halloween promotions at bars, themed cocktails, and costume contests, adults definitely look forward to a night of masks and mischief once October rolls around.

Halloween is a great opportunity for bars to draw in more customers and boost their revenue with Halloween promotions. You’ll make a name for yourself in town being known as the best bar to celebrate Halloween with these clever and spooky promotion ideas.

Halloween Cocktails

Nothing says spooky like a Witch’s Brew cocktail added to your drink menu. There are plenty of Halloween cocktail recipes that you can find online, just pick out your favorites! Get creative with the presentation and consider investing in some Halloween drinkware to really keep with the theme. If you can add some dry ice in there somewhere, customers will be sure to go crazy for it.

Decorate Your Bar

If you want to have successful Halloween promotions, you’re going to have to make your bar feel a little spookier. Add some fake spiderwebs to the ceiling or drape them over the bar. Put a pumpkin or two around the windowsills and a spider here and there. When customers walk into your bar, they should instantly be overcome with the Halloween mood.

Costume Contest

On the actual day of Halloween or the closest weekend to it, hold a costume contest in your bar. Patrons will come dressed in their costumes and people will vote on who has the best costume. You can add different categories to this contest too, so there are multiple winners.

If you don’t want to subject patrons to a costume contest, have your bartenders and staff dress up in clever costumes. Then have patrons vote on who has the best costume.

Spooky Storyteller

Who wants to hear a scary story? Gather around a table and listen to a skilled storyteller make the hairs on the back of your neck rise in fear. Find a local storyteller to come to your bar and tell patrons their best scary story. Pair the experience with different flights of wine, whiskey, or beer for your patrons to enjoy while listening to the storyteller.

Halloween Trivia

People love playing trivia, especially when there is a theme to it. Host a Halloween trivia night to get your patrons’ blood boiling as they answer questions about scary movies, the history of Halloween, and fun facts while sipping on a themed cocktail. What is great about these types of Halloween promotions is that you can hold them throughout the entire month of October, not just Halloween weekend.

Pumpkin Painting Night

Take a note from the successful Paint Nite franchise and put a Halloween spin on it. Rather than painting a canvas, have your patrons bring in a pumpkin of their choice to paint. Carving pumpkins can get messy, so it’s a good idea to stick with painting them.

Photo Booth

Nobody wants to spend the time getting dressed up in their Halloween costume and not get a good picture in it. Hire a photo booth complete with fun props and exceptional lighting for patrons to document their night at your bar.

The best thing about hiring a photo booth is that when the picture prints out for everyone, you can have your bar’s name and logo on the border. It’s a great way to promote yourself on the sly!

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