What is BFLY?

BFLY is a free mobile app created to make it easy for patrons to find their favorite hospitality, nightlife and entertainment (HNE) professionals. Simply put, customers have a hard time keeping up with schedules and we’re here to help.


Because people are loyal to people – not buildings. Sure, we love our favorite bars, restaurants, or pubs. But we love them because of the awesome people we find there. BFLY is ensures your favorite friends and HNE professionals are there before you even leave your home.

Who is a Mover and who is a Shaker?

A mover is any hospitality, nightlife and entertainment professional that believes he/she can “move the crowd”. Bartenders, servers, managers, promoters, owners, performers, DJ’s, entertainers, dancers, hosts/hostesses, models. If you’re in the industry and have what it takes to demonstrate your value, BFLY is for you.

Shakers are those loyal customers, fans, followers, and patrons who fuel the enormous hospitality, nightlife, entertainment, beer, wine and spirits industries. You show up at the bar because only Heidi really knows how to make your old fashioned just right. And when DJ Rico is on the mic, you must be at the party.

BFLY was created to make certain that the Movers and Shakers always remain connected – regardless of the venue.

Are there any long-term commitments or cancellation fees?

BFLY is free. No commitments.

How much does it cost for a Mover or Shaker to subscribe to the BFLY?

It’s free. $0.00. Zero dollars and zero cents. Nada. Squadoosh

Can I use BFLY while at work?

Well, we don’t recommend you using BFLY at work – at least not unless you’re attempting to quickly and easily attract customers to your venue. BFLY is designed to be used to before you get to your place of business. It only requires a few seconds per week. The point is to keep your loyal customers, patrons, fans informed of what’s going on with, your work/performance schedule, and to share information with your most loyal regulars.

How do I tell my friends?

It’s easy. Simply click on Settings and then hit the Send a Referral button. BFLY allows you to share our download link via SMS and via Facebook and Twitter.

Or simply tell your friends to Text BFLY to 313131

Can Movers follow other Movers?

Absolutely. Movers can become followers of other movers. The people in the HNE community are a tight knit bunch. After all, who else going to hang out with you at 2:30 am on a Tuesday? So BFLY has made sure has made sure that the best bartender in town can always know when the other best bartender in town is on duty.

Is BFLY safe?

BFLY has taken measures to ensure the safety of all of our users. For starters, no one can follow you without your approval. When a potential follower wants to stay connected to you, they must first send an invitation that can only be approved by you.

Next, BFLY allows Movers to anonymously delete any follower. So, if you ever want to remove a follower, simply click on the Followers menu item, select the “X” next to their name and it’s done. They will not be notified. You will just no longer appear on their app.

Lastly, some users prefer to use their nicknames at work. We didn’t really think your name was Spinmeister X. So BFLY permits users to display an alias or nickname to the user community. Simply go to Settings and then Notification Settings. You can opt to your entire name with Display Full Name (On), your first name only with Display First Name (Off) or display your nickname/alias with Display Alias (On).

Is there an age limit for BFLY?

Yes, BFLY users must be at least 21 years of age. Sorry. No exceptions.

Now, what is the BFLY Leaderboard?

We’re still the smartest way for savvy hospitality, nightlife and entertainment professionals to manage their clientele and grow their brand. However, we decided we could do more.

The tireless work of HNE professionals is woefully unappreciated. The wages are low, the hours are long, and the gratuities are often erratic.

…so those of us at BFLY hatched a plan.

We decided to make it our mission to ensure that the $200B beer, wine and spirits industry recognizes your commitment. With over 65,000 bars and an additional $24B spent at those bars and nightclubs, we’re hoping there’s more appreciation to go around.

At BFLY, we’re encouraging you to promote your skills on the app. If you do your part, we’ll do our part to make you a larger part of this multi-billion dollar industry.