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Bar Promotions That Will Attract a Crowd

One of the hardest parts of owning a bar is constantly attracting a crowd. With bar promotions, you can easily increase sales and attract crowds that will keep coming back for more. The trick is to find something that pleases a majority of people and execute your idea well. These are just some effective bar promotions that will attract a crowd of people.

Late Night Happy Hour

Everyone loves a good happy hour after work. However, not everyone works the average 9-5 anymore, which means they miss the beloved happy hour. So, why not give the people who work longer or stranger hours a late-night happy hour? The best time to have a late-night happy hour is from 9 pm to 11 pm. It’s perfect for those late crowds who are craving a great drink deal on a weekday. Not to mention it will keep people coming to your bar constantly if you are the only one with a late-night happy hour.

Trivia Night

People love to argue and get competitive when they drink. Feed into this behavior by hosting a weekly trivia night. Not only does the game itself attract a crowd, but the prizes that patrons can win will also draw them into your bar. Offer gift cards for your bar as first and second place prizes. People will want to keep coming back and try to win trivia night each week. The key to hosting a great trivia night, though, is a having a great host with a sense of humor and good questions.

Birthday Specials

People love to celebrate their birthdays, especially by going out to bars. When bars offer special birthday drinks, people are sure to come in and bring a crowd with them to enjoy their celebratory drink. Create a special drink that cannot be ordered on the menu and offer it for free or discounted to anyone who has a birthday that day. Your bar will quickly become the place to go to celebrate a birthday. Hint: sparklers and bubbly are definitely attractive.

Join a Bar Crawl

One of the best bar promotions you can do is to add your bar to a bar crawl. This will bring in a ton of people who may normally just walk by. You will be sure to have a crowd of people in your bar during the crawl. It is also a chance for people to check out a bar they normally wouldn’t, like it, and keep coming back. It’s great publicity and it will bring in a ton of extra cash that weekend.

Offer a Meeting Space

Set up a space in your bar that groups can reserve for meetings. When you make a meeting space where groups can hang out, it means you’re inviting multiple patrons into your bar. Book clubs and social groups are perfect groups to target with bar promotions like this. You can even offer discounted drinks for groups that consist of a certain number of people.

Attract with an App

You can also attract a crowd to your place by announcing bar promotions with the BFLY mobile app. Have your best bartenders share their work schedule with patrons so customers can be served by their favorite bartender. Offer bar promotions such as drink specials or event nights through the app as well to help attract a crowd.

bar promotions

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