About Us

Any bartender will tell you that by last call, if the regulars did not swing by for a few drinks, their take home will be a little light. The key to success is simple: get your regulars in the door.

BFLY was founded on the premise that bartenders are not simply there to make drinks. Hospitality, nightlife and entertainment professionals establish genuine and meaningful relationships with their loyal patrons. Repeat business is driven by the people – not the promotions.

So at BFLY, we set out to create a customer relationship management tool that puts the control back into the hands of the professional. Created by bartenders, for hospitality, nightlife and entertainment professionals, BFLY instantly informs your regulars when and where you’re working. Whatever the venue, BFLY pushes the vibe directly to your smartphone!

BFLY gives complete control to the hospitality, nightlife and entertainment professionals – allowing them to create a network of followers with whom to share their work and performance schedules, instantly move the crowd with the push of a button, establish their own groups of followers - all while maintaining completely control of their privacy and safety. No personal information needs to be exchanged. With BFLY, you can take direct control of spreading the word and moving the crowd to you! A win-win for Movers, Shakers and Management. Your regulars are looking for you…so help us out!

Waiting for your bar to get busy so you can fill your tip jar is never fun... letting your friends and locals know that you are working is difficult too…


We bring bar professionals and customers together in real time to get the word out for a great night and allow you to start making more money.

The Team

Dean Matthews
, Technology Consultant and Entrepreneur

Brittany Loeffler, Creative Copywriter – Digital Marketer

Industry Advisors

Mel George
, Former National Account Executive, MillerCoors | Buffalo Wild Wings

George Concannon, Former Director, Breakthru Beverage United Division

Curt Midkiff, Brand Building Social Strategy Leader, Kroger

Rod Griffin, Digital Marketing Strategist, Google