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annoy the bartender

7 Things You Do That Annoy the Bartender

When you go out to a bar the last thing you want to do is annoy the bartender. There is a certain etiquette that patrons should follow when ordering and consuming drinks at a bar. Tending a bar isn’t an easy job, it requires a lot of attention and multitasking while also keeping customers happy. So, to keep a good relationship with your bartender, try to avoid doing these things.

Asking for a “Strong” Drink

Bartenders follow cocktail recipes to ensure that everyone is getting the same drink and so that the proportions are correct. When you ask for a “strong” drink, it’s like asking them to give you a free drink. There are rules that must be followed. When you do ask for a strong drink, don’t be surprised if you see that the bartender charged you for it on the bill or made the drink on the weaker side out of spite.

Sending a Drink Back

We all make mistakes and sometimes order a drink that we don’t like. Maybe it’s too sweet or too bitter. Just because you don’t like the way it tastes doesn’t mean that you should send it back. Typically, the bartender made it exactly how it is supposed to be. If you don’t like it, either order another drink or suck it up. Don’t annoy the bartender by sending it back and asking them to make it again.

“Surprise Me”

For the love of God, know what you want to order when the bartender gets to you, especially if the bar is busy. If you’re really looking to annoy the bartender, tell them to give you a surprise drink. Depending on the bartender and the mood they’re in, you may get a wonderful drink or something simple like whiskey on the rocks. They don’t know your tastes, so don’t be disappointed if you get something you don’t like.

Asking for the Cheapest Drink

Not only is it insulting to ask for the cheapest thing on the menu, but it also makes you look bad. The only thing a bartender hears when you ask for the cheapest drink is that you most likely won’t leave a good tip. Ask for a menu or current specials or ask for a domestic beer. Don’t bother the bartender with your financial status.

Paying with a Card for One Drink

If you know you’re going out to a bar, bring some cash with you. It’s going to annoy the bartender to run your credit card through the machine if you order just one drink knowing that you will probably come back to buy another anyway. Just start a tab or throw down some cash to keep from annoying the bartender.

Waving or Snapping for Attention

Patience is necessary when going out on the weekends to a bar. While you may get impatient waiting for the bartender to take your order, we promise that they see you and they are coming to you. You just have to wait your turn like everyone else. Don’t ever snap your fingers or wave to a bartender to get their attention. Not only is it rude, but the bartender may actually serve people behind you first just to make a point.

Taking Bar Talk Too Far

Bartenders are known for being great listeners and people that you can talk to while sitting and enjoying a drink. However, there are certain topics that just shouldn’t be discussed with your bartender. These topics mainly consist of politics and religion. While your bartender may not agree with your views, they probably won’t express that because it isn’t good customer service. So, do yourself (and your bartender) a favor and stick to small talk or your personal problems.

Ordering a Drink After Last Call

It’s called last call for a reason. Don’t annoy the bartender by going up to the bar right after they make their last drink. There are a lot of things to do to close up behind the bar and making you an extra drink isn’t one of them. So, gulp up that drink, order another as they make the announcement, and end your night when the lights come on.

annoy the bartender

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