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drinks you should never order at a bar

6 Drinks You Should Never Order at a Bar

Bartenders are skilled in creating cocktails and pouring drinks for their customers. However, there are some drinks that you should never order at a bar. To avoid driving your bartender insane, risk getting ill from poor ingredients, and being judged by the bar staff, you should avoid these drinks at all costs.

Long Island Iced Tea

The only people who order Long Island Iced Teas are either underage or looking to get wasted on a budget. This drink will draw a lot of attention to you from the bar staff and possibly award you some laughs behind the bar. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s a complicated drink for bartenders to create. If you don’t mind the snickers and giggles, just make sure to order your drink when the bar isn’t too busy.

Bloody Mary

Unless you are on vacation or enjoying brunch with friends and family, do not order a Bloody Mary. They are heavy drinks that aren’t meant to be sipped on to catch a buzz. Instead, they are used to soften the hangover from the crazy night before.


Martinis are a go-to drink for many people when they go to a bar. They are a respectable cocktail to order unless you are in a bar with only standing room. If you find yourself ordering a dirty martini without a table to sit and enjoy it, you’re just asking to spill your drink. The journey from the bar to where you want to stand with your fragile martini glass is a long one. Avoid the chance of spilling and just don’t order it.

Draft Beer

Draft beer is easy. The bartender just has to pull down on the tap and fill up a glass. What could go wrong with that? Before ordering a draft beer, take a closer look at how clean and sanitary the bar is. The keg pipes for draft beer must be properly cleaned every few weeks. If you suspect that the bar skimps out on cleaning, then you run the risk of drinking beer from dirty pipes, which can cause you to fall ill.

Novelty Shots

You aren’t in college anymore. Stop going up to the bartender asking for a Fuzzy Navel or Kamikazes. Grow up, order a shot of liquor, and put it down like a champion. Not only is it super easy for the bartender to just pull out the bottle and fill up some shot glasses, but you won’t look like a newbie to drinking.

Frozen Drinks

Frozen drinks are ideal during the hot summer weather, but are they worth consuming all of those calories and sugars? Most frozen drinks are made with artificial ingredients and syrups to get those bright colors and fruity tastes. They also don’t usually contain too much alcohol. So, instead of a Frozen Mudslide or Strawberry Daiquiri, stick to drinks containing ice like a Mojito.

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